Photo Gallery

Leaders Eager for Knowledge Concerning Trauma Healing

RECONCILE Designates Much Time to Issues of Gender-Based Violence

RPI graduates Class of 2010

Nuer and Murle Women in Trust and Peace building Meeting,

Pibor 2010

RPI class of 2010 practice Peace building through drama and role play

Nuer woman shares views on violence against women and children,

Akobo 2009

Schools and Drama groups in Yei prepare for the 2010 elections through a theatre festival,2009

Teachers and Drama groups trained for prevention of election violence

through drama,2009

Community members meeting on Violence against Women and Children, Tore 2009

Gifts exchanged between Nuer and Murle Women during Trust and Peace building

Meeting, Pibor 2010

Nuer Women listen attentively at Gender based Violence Seminar, Akobo 2009

Key mobilizers conducting community meetings on Voter Education,

Eastern Equatoria State 2009

RECONCILE Training Centre Library and Office Complex completed, June 2009

Institutinal Development Staff in front of newly completed RPI Faculty House,

January 2010